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“I Reveal ALL My Secrets in a 60-min. CD and I Want To Give You My CD…For FREE!”
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Why Did I Create This FREE CD?

Because, quite frankly, I just want to help. I know how hard it is to make any real money at home in random ventures, let alone consistent money to pay monthly bills or even support a family! But two years ago, I was forced to find a solution to that problem, and I stumbled upon the answer. And now I just want to get the word out so that other women know about this wonderful option.

Now I’m Going To Teach You How!

Let me teach you step-by-step how you can start a preschool in your own home! I want to make sure no one else goes through the same misery I did of trying to find a stay-at-home job that actually WORKS.

And now I’ve created this FREE CD: “7 Secrets to Building A Web Brand that Ranks” to take you by the hand andshow you exactly what to do to start your own preschool. Just click the “Claim Your Free CD Now” image below to get your free copy! All that we ask is that you help us out with the shipping ($4.95 for USA, $9.95 for international) so we can get it to you.

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What Secrets Will You Discover On Your FREE 60-min. CD?








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And You Will Too!

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What Bonuses Will You Receive In Addition To Your FREE CD?

BONUS #1 – Free Instant Audio:
“7 Secrets to Building A Web Brand that Ranks”

Do you want instant access to all of my 7 Secrets without having to wait for your CD?  You’ll be able to start listening in just a few minutes!  PLUS – you’ll still get your CD in the mail so you can play it anytime, anywhere!

BONUS #2 – Free Ticket:
“60-Minute Q&A Webinar With Brad Hauck”

Are you so excited about the idea of starting a preschool that your head is filling up with quesions even as we speak? That’s what I’m here for! When you get your FREE CD today, you’ll also get a free ticket to our 60-minute Q&A Webinar that I’m holding 8 days from today where you’ll get all your questions answered!

Our Q&A Webinars are a blast! They’re super easy to attend: All you need is a computer and an internet connection! On the morning of the webinar we’ll send you the link via email.  All you have to do is Click, Sit Back, and Enjoy the Webinar! (You bring the chocolate, we’ll bring the great content!)

BONUS #3 – Free Trial Membership
“Million Dollar Web Brands that Rank Training”

Are you looking to start your preschool the RIGHT WAY? When you get your CD today you’ll also receive a FREE 14-day trial membership into my exclusive “”Million Dollar Web Brands that Rank Training” membership club!  See our training course outline here to see everything you’ll learn!

During our 7-module Training Course, you’ll receive our Weekly Video Trainings via email, which include:

PERSONAL COACHING from me that takes you step-by-step through the entire process of starting a preschool!  If you follow my easy directions, you can have a preschool set up in no time!

MONTHLY REVIEWS, CHECKLISTS AND MARKETING STRATEGIES to make sure you’re on the path to successfully starting your own preschool!

PLUS – each month, as a Member you’ll receive:

COMPLETE MONTHLY PRESCHOOL CURRICULUM via email with everything you need to teach your 2.5-hour preschool classes like: PRINTABLES, INSTRUCTIONS, LESSON PLANS, SUPPLY LISTS, & MORE!  My lesson plans were designed with this business in mind – and have been tried& tested in my preschool for years.  It only takes 5 minutes to read over the lesson plan, collect your supplies, and be ready to teach!

PLUS – if after the 14-day trial period you decide the business isn’t for you, you can cancel your $37.00/mo. membership at any time!  No questions asked!